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I grew up in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. I have lived in Okemos then in Mason for 23 years and feel very much at home in my community. My husband retired from the State of Michigan which was followed by a period as a consultant to law enforcement, public agencies and school districts. He is currently employed as a facility manager at a large Methodist church in East Lansing.

We have a 16 year old daughter named Molly. She is a serious student and an ambitious young woman. She leases a horse that she supports on her own efforts. She is involved in Future Farmers of America and Youth in Government at school. She has been involved in soccer for ten years and is a musician.

Our son Christian is a graduate from Western Michigan University and lives in Kalamazoo. He works at Stryker Corporation. He is a well read young man that is interested in hiking, music and family.

I attended community college for a year while working with the State of Michigan. I worked in state government for 28 years. Beginning as a clerk typist, I became a legal secretary in the Attorney General’s Office among other positions until my last position as an executive assistant in the Governor’s Office.

My organizational and management skills were developed during my government career. As an executive assistant I managed many situations and people which gave me confidence to operate my own business. The challenges found in a long career supporting upper management developed many skills which help me to this day.

I enjoy being home with my family, dinners with friends, cooking, attending yoga classes, walking, biking and nature. I have cats, a dog and 2 guinea pigs. I have volunteered with the Eaton County Humane Society and the Ingham County Animal Shelter. I also enjoy providing pet care which is one of my favorite aspects of my job. I get to play, walk and care for my client's animals.

I have acted as a general contractor in the building of my first new home in Milford, Michigan. This experience was interesting and challenging and I am glad I had the ability to do it. Some of my family members were home builders and in the construction trades. When I was a young girl, my two brothers and I helped with the construction of a building. I may have played with our dog Rex more than work, but was on a job site and gained enough knowledge about construction that I would eventually want to build myself, which I ended up doing with my first house.

We have a cottage on a northern lake outside of Traverse City and are there often during the summer months visiting with family and friends. We enjoy our days of long walks, bird watching, including bald eagles, boating, cooking out, relaxing on our dock watching sunsets and fires on the beach.

Finally, I'd like to thank my niece Mary Smucker-Priest, founder of Simple Search Marketing, for helping get my website on the map!

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